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Jorge Ben - Quero Esquecer Voce

Been listening to the whole album on repeat today. This on and  ’Balanca Pema” are my favourites. 

Babylone - Djewal

This was a fun find a couple of weeks ago.

Yuna - Lelaki

What I am listening to now.

It’s been so long since I posted music, I feel bad because I still discover new music but I feel like I have neglected this space. 

Thanks to you guys who didn’t unfollow all along~


ZITTEN (짙은) - Whale (고래) [Drama Ver.]

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안치환 (anchihwan) - 액맥이 타령

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Ugh… Blood Orange puts out another fantastic album. This song, Chosen, is. so. freaking. LUSH! Beautiful work, man. The album is Cupid Deluxe.

Lush is perfect word for this.

Yuna - Rescue

Why did I wait so long to give this girl a listen. Addicted.


I heard an unhappy ending, it sort of sounds like you leaving.

The only song on Suck it and See I really liked.

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너의 선물 // 무키무키만만수

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